Setting up Gulp, Bower, Bootstrap Sass, & FontAwesome

Let’s face it. Managing front end dependencies is still a headache. As developers we have a plethora of options for building dependencies. Some of the tools off the top of my head are Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli, Component, NPM, and probably 5 more have been released since I started writing this post. In this tutorial I am going to focus on Gulp but I’m sure it can be modified to work with any of the others. Continue reading


A great graphic via mashable to keep in mind for building new iOS apps and for optimizing your mobile sites. I haven’t seen a plus in person yet, but being a short person this seems worrisome. The pictures I’ve seen make it look like an iPad mini mini.

This update cannot be installed because it requires at least 6.9 GB of storage. You can make more storage available by deleting items in Usage Settings.

— iOS 8


Rebuilding Wardrobe: Week 3


Welcome to week three in the rebuilding Wardrobe series. This week my goals are to get migrations, repositories, and hopefully an admin editor all setup. Continue reading

A writer with no head for business isn’t going to make a living with the words they write, no matter how glorious, how well-crafted, how extraordinary they are, outside an incredible run of good luck.

— Kameron Hurley on Writing as a business

This applies to developers as well. Even if you have no aspirations to start your own business, knowing about options, employee contracts, personal finance, and retirement would do you well.

Rebuilding Wardrobe: Week 2

Wardrobe Week Two

This is the second week in a series on rebuilding WardrobeCMS, the minimal blogging engine. Here is the link to last weeks in case you missed it and want to get caught up.

For this week I want to accomplish two main goals. The first is to get a base install of Laravel 4.3 going and start an admin style guide. Continue reading

Rebuilding Wardrobe: Week 1


Welcome to the first week of my rebuilding Wardrobe series. As I mentioned in the announcement I’m going to be journaling the entire process of rebuilding the app and I will be starting from a blank slate. This week is going to be just planning and laying out the goals of the project. Continue reading