Pluck The Weeds In Your Code

Don't be lazy, pick the weeds in your code as soon as you see them.

Using WordPress to Create a Newsletter

Tutorial on customizing WordPress to handle a weekly digest newsletter.

Building a jQuery Plugin with Gulp

Tutorial on building a simple jQuery plugin and utilizing gulp, uglify, and jshint.

The Sketchnote Workbook

Even developers can use sketchnoting for taking notes.

Bootstrapped – Episode 43

I was a guest on the podcast.

Dear Morning

A story of wasting an entire morning trying to write a newsletter.

Losing Weight and Feeling Great

Losing 50 pounds and finding the inspiration from other developers.

Open Source Marketing Tips

Marketing 101 for your next open source project.

Single Page Laravel Application

Processes and techniques I use when designing a SPA.

Working Remote With Kids

A joyful experience I got to take part in because I work remote