The push to HTTPS

Last year, Google started giving websites that have an SSL cert a ranking boost. As part of that announcement they said it was done to push the web to be more secure. But they also wanted to go even further and push for “HTTPS everywhere”. This week it was announced this measure is going to […]

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SourceForge and Slashdot Sold

Via FossForce “With SourceForge, our plans all surround returning the site to being the ‘gold standard’ and most trusted destination for open source software discovery, development, collaboration and distribution on the web. We will improve and accelerate development of useful open source software developer tools in addition to rekindling the original spirit of open source […]

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The iPad Decline

Apple reported sales of iPads declined 25% during the last quarter and pundit’s everywhere are screaming the sky is falling. No one can predict the future and all we have to go on is what is here and now. As an Apple fanboy here is my reason for the decline of iPad sales. Toward the […]

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The GitHub Silo

People have been complaining​ about silos since the first one was built. I think if we took a trip back in time with Marty McFly we would see hundreds of people standing by that first one and arguing about it. Of course, we can all agree silos are mostly bad and especially whenever it’s such […]

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Time is Money

When you first start out as a developer you find a problem and build a solution. This is how you learn and progress. As you become older your outlook changes and you’d rather pay money to save time. Of course, you could still build it, but eventually, you hit a tipping point. Developers are some […]

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