The Bear is Awake

Yesterday, Apple released it’s earnings report and their earnings will be lower than expected.

I know it’s never a good idea to base the market on a single company but it seems like the bear is waking up from hibernation. This past year the market was down overall but to me it feels like 2019 might hurt even more.

We all know you can’t time the market and the best way to stay ahead is to continue investing. Now everything is a on sale and if it continues to slide then it’s an even bigger discount for when it eventually turns around.

Because we are all wired that any loss hurts I’ve started taking proactive steps by removing all investment apps from my devices. This way I don’t make ay crazy decisions and sell off or let anger or worry creep in and ruin my day.

Make Your New Years Resolutions Concrete and Actionable

At the start of a new year everyone seems to be making lists of resolutions or goals they want to accomplish. This is great, and a nice way of trying to change yourself to be better.

However, what a lot of people do is make their list vague. For example, here might be someone’s list:

  • Read more
  • Meditate more
  • Lose weight
  • Exercise

Of course, these are all admirable goals but they aren’t concrete. What does “more” mean? What is better to simply rework each:

  • Read 20 page as a day
  • Meditate 10 minutes a day
  • Lose 10 pound’s
  • Workout 3 days a week

They are still the same goals, but now you can more easily keep yourself accountable.

Farewell 2018

Daily Log Book

When you are a kid each year feels like a century, when you are an adult each year feels like a month.

The photo is of my daily log book and it’s a great time to start one. You can find this particular one on Amazon but any notebook will do.

Paperlike iPad Screen Protector Review

After spending some time on the iPad one annoying problem I had was the fingerprints on the screen. I tried everything to keep it clean but it was a loosing battle. Finally, I decided enough was enough and went searching for screen protectors and found one named PaperLike.

It’s marketing page said it makes your iPad feel more like paper when you are writing and drawing with the pencil, but it also acts as a screen protector, reduces glare, and prevents fingerprints.

It’s fairly expensive at $33 and I was hesitant to buy it. Before spending the money I asked on social media and a few people chimed in saying how good it was. So that was the tipping point for me to get it. Based on my searching around for reviews I did see some forum threads where people said you can get other screen protectors that work almost as good, but I think about the old motto, “buy it nice, or buy it twice”.

It took a few days for delivery and it arrived in a cardboard package ready to take out and use. I watched their video tutorial and starting the install process. It was actually pretty easy to install, but you have to be very careful about dust. I have one spot where I left a piece of dust and PaperLike now has a bubble around that spot. Luckily they included an extra in the package so I can try again later.

In those first two minutes I felt like I had a totally new device. The best way I can describe it is imagine your iPad is a bright yellow Lamborghini. It’s shiny, it demands attention. After installing PaperLike the bright yellow Lamborghini turns into a flat black edition.

Lambo’s found via Google Image search

It tones down the brightness, reduces glare, and for me it is just a better iPad experience. It feels easier on my eyes.

So far all of those features are secondary to what it’s really designed for, and that is writing with the pencil. I wouldn’t say it’s really paper like, but it does have more drag on the tip of the pencil. So writing is more life like. It is definitely an improvement over the glass screen, but for me the anti glare and zero finger prints make it worth the money. The writing experience is just a bonus.

At the end of the day I totally recommend this product and I can see myself buying it every time I get a new device. For more information and for buying information head over to the PaperLike website.

My 2018 – A Look Back

The last week of the year is when everyone seems to be writing and publishing their own year in review posts and it seems like a great opportunity for me to spend a few minutes looking back on my year.


I started out 2018 doing a mountain bike race in January called the Whole Enchilada, which is basically riding all the trails at the USNWC, about 25 miles. My goal was to finish the race but I failed. I didn’t have the legs nor the energy to do the last trail. From this I decided I was going to step up my riding so I could complete it in 2019.

I felt like I was on track but then I crashed last month and broke my hand. I’ll be out of commission for at least another two months so it’s quit unfortunate that I will not even get to enter the one thing I was pushing myself toward.

Outside of the mountain biking I bought a gravel bike and did my first half century and also rode it to the lake a few days and worked from a hammock.

I plan to do more of that once the weather warms back up and my hand heals.


At the end of 2017 I decided I wanted to get back into blogging and made an internal goal to maintain a streak of blogging everyday for the month of January.

I continued that streak until March and then really slacked off June through September, then picked up again October.

Publishing Schedule

Publishing everyday was a challenge but the one nice side effect is it forced me to look around at everything for content ideas. Of course, the downside is by posting so often I never had time to really sit down and write in depth pieces, but that is never my style. I like to be a curator which fits perfectly with quick posts.

For 2019 I do want to continue blogging and try to force myself out of just tweeting when I have something to say.


In 2018 I had a busy year making things. First I work full time for UserScape and then run Laravel News on the side. Those two take up many hours a week. Outside of these I helped run Laracon Online, LaraJobs, I created Laravel Events, and of course published the Laravel Newsletter almost every Sunday.


Outside of biking and breaking my hand I also had Lasik at the end of November and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself. It’s hard for me to describe going from always wearing glasses to not even thinking about them. It’s really amazing laying in bed and not having the frames dig into your head, or exercising and not having to worry about them slipping off.

I also kept a daily log book for the first time ever and looking back through it is pretty cool. I like being able to flip through the pages and remember the day. That’s not something I’ve been able to duplicate digitally. Yeah

Farewell 2018

That about sums up my year and I’m looking forward to 2019. I have a few big plans that I hope to accomplish and a lot of little things. Hopefully, I’ll keep myself accountable and focused on the positive things.

Best of luck to you in 2019!