The Local Paper

A staple at my grandparent’s house was the daily paper. I have great memories of grandma and grandpa sitting on the coach sharing the different sections and pointing out to each other what they found interesting. Back then the internet wasn’t really a thing, cell phones didn’t exist, and looking back it felt like a […]

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Just Ask

Today my friend Mohamed Said wrote on his blog about putting fear aside and reaching out to people, and he included the following video from Steve Jobs: As I watched this what really stuck out to me is how Steve asked. In his example, he called Bill Hewlett and asked for a very specific thing, frequency […]

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SEO is still king

I’m not huge on looking on stats but about once a month I try to go through some and see where traffic is coming from, what posts are popular and attempt to get a general feel on what’s resonating with people. While looking today I looked at referrers for the past 90 days and was […]

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Early voting

It’s election season again, time to do our civic duty and vote for politicians that will work for us and carry our voice. It sure doesn’t feel that way anymore, hyperbole aside I always dread voting because of the long lines and it taking forever. The past two elections I’ve started early voting and it’s […]

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