Just build it

I have no idea how blockchain works, but I’d like to build a Coinbase competitor for other coins

That statement probably sounds ridiculous to you if you’ve been a developer for years, but this is precisely how I got my start.

I had a problem that I knew software could fix, and I spent the next two years learning everything I could about how to create it. Then I built it.

Of course, that was 20 years ago when I was single lived at home and had few adulting duties, but if you light a spark chances are you will follow through. If people say, your idea is too hard or to dumb just remember, someone made a million dollars from selling pixels.

My Top Nine Photos of 2017


These are the top nine images I put on Instagram this year based on likes. Going from left to right:

  1. Random iOS homescreen.
  2. A quote from the book Essentialism that is relevant for developers. “Essentialists accept the reality that we can never fully anticipate or prepare for every scenario or eventuality; the future is simply too unpredictable.”
  3. Wearing a Santa hat in warm weather.
  4. My daughter and I did our first 5k
  5. Giving a brief overview of LaraJobs at Laracon. Gosh, I hate being on stage.
  6. A screenshot of the daily Laravel News digest.
  7. Date Night!
  8. My dad’s Camero
  9. Date Night!

What to wear to workout when it’s cold outside

I live in an area where the temperature, for the most, is bearable year round. We will have weeks where it dips to freezing and maybe an inch of two of snow each year, but when it turns cold I never know what to wear to workout. Most of the time I put on way too many layers and overheat and when talking to a buddy over the weekend he sent me this picture as a guide:


  • 60F and above: Tank top or singlet, and shorts
  • 50-59F: T-shirt and shorts
  • 40-49f: Long-sleeve light-weight shirt, shorts or tights (or nylon long pants), mittens and gloves
  • 30-39F: Long-sleeve medium weight shirt, and another T-shirt, tights and shorts, socks, mittens or gloves, and a hat over the ears
  • 20-29F: Medium weight long-sleeve shirt, another T-shirt, tights and shorts, socks, mittens or gloves, and a hat over the ears
  • 10-19F: Medium weight long-sleeve shirt, and medium/heavy weight shirt, tights and shorts, nylon wind suit, top and pants, socks, think mittens and a hat over the ears
  • 0-9F: Two medium or heavyweight long-sleeve tops, thick tights, thick underwear (especially for men), medium to heavy warm up, gloves and thick mittens, ski mask, a hat over the ears, and Vaseline covering any exposed skin

I thought that was brilliant and found the source which I hope to refer back to every winter.