I like to share a lot on various social media channels and inevitably every day I get someone asking me what I’m using. This page is an answer to that question and it lists everything I’m currently using. I’d like to thank Wes Bos for the inspiration on creating this.

Code Editor

My current code editor of choice is PhpStorm with the Material Theme and using the commercial Operator Mono font.

When I’m sharing screenshots I typically use Atom with the Atom Material Theme and increase the font size a lot so it looks crisp and clear on the service I’m sharing on.


For my terminal, I use iTerm and oh my zsh using a default theme and default font. I’m far from a power user and keep it simple.


For writing, I use various apps and tools and I’m always looking to improve my workflow. Right now I’m using either Ulysses III or iA Writer and I try and run all completed work through Grammarly to catch any errors.


I’m an Apple fan and all my computers are made by them. I have an iMac 5k retina, an iPad pro, and an old Macbook pro. The iMac is primarily for my 8-5 job, iPad for writing, and Macbook Pro for developing my side projects.


I use Laravel Forge to spin up servers on either Digital Ocean or Linode and I use Cloudflare for my more popular sites to help with load times.