I like to share a lot on various social media channels and inevitably every day I get someone asking me what I’m using. This page is an answer to that question and it lists everything I’m currently using.

This Site

The site you are viewing runs on WordPress.com paid account and it uses the Eris theme

Office Setup

  • MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021)
    In previous years I went with the smaller 13″ or 14″ version and this is my first 16″ laptop. Not sure I like the size and will probably go smaller the next time I get a new one.
  • LG 4k Monitor
    Decent monitor, but I do plan to replace this with a new Apple 27″ studio display.
  • Ikea Bekant Standing Desk
    I always have plans to stand part of my day, but alas, I’m lazy and don’t stand near enough.
  • Steelcase Leap office chair
    A good office chair is so important in my opinion. As developers having a comfortable chair is gold.
  • Apple Magic Keyboard
    I went with the keypad model instead of the smaller version, but I love the Touch ID integration.
  • Apple Trackpad
    I’m a huge trackpad fan and I’ve been using it for years.
  • Home pods
    I use two old Home pods on the desk that are stereo paired. Still sound great even though Apple discontinued them.


  • iTerm  – Works good enough for me.
  • oh my zsh using a default theme and default font.
  • VS Code – Monaco font, GitHub Light theme.
  • Sublime Text – Monaco font, Inspired GitHub
  • Github Desktop
  • Table Plus
  • Brave Browser
  • Laravel Sail
  • Laravel Takeout
  • Ray
  • Tinkerwell