I like to share a lot on various social media channels and inevitably every day I get someone asking me what I’m using. This page is an answer to that question and it lists everything I’m currently using.

This Site

The site you are viewing runs on WordPress.com paid account and it uses the Eris theme

My Workspace


I’ve been trying to put a focus on more analog tools so I’ve moved the computer off to the side to have more room for reading and writing. It’s been working pretty well and I have a typical office chair that spins so it’s easy to move my body toward the computer as I’m working.

My desk is an IKEA VÄSTANBY table and it has plenty of room. On the desk, I have an iMac on the left, a few books that I’m reading or want for quick reference, an awesome pencil holder made by my friend Jesse Schutt, a Midori travelers notebook, and Rhodia grid notebook. Above the desk is two paintings by Ninjagrl.

The rest of my office features an IKEA bookshelf and hutch under the windows, then a comfy chair for reading or relaxing.


It’s all pretty minimal but that is how I like it and try to keep it free from clutter.


I’m an Apple fan and all my computers are made by them. I have an iMac 5k retina, an iPad Pro, and a 12″ MacBook. The iMac is primarily for my 8-5 job, iPad for writing & consumption, then the MacBook for developing my side projects.

In November of 2018, I broke my hand and at that point switched totally to an iPad workflow and I have a full write up on how I did it on Laravel News. I still use it a ton but I’ve been slowing switching back to a traditional editor on my MacBook.


I’m currently using the Keychron K2 Wireless mechanical keyboard with Blue switches and aluminum frame. I enjoy using it, I think the size is perfect and my only complaint is there isn’t a battery indicator so I never when it’s about to go dead. However, it does go to sleep fairly quickly and I can get at least a few days off a charge.  

Other Desk Items

Office Music

I just went all-in on Apple Music (follow me @ericlbarnes) because the family just liked its integration into Apple products and I’m still trying to get used to it.  I have a very weird music taste and you never know what I’m going to listen too.  Lately, though I’ve been doing a lot of classical and jazz. Loving some Charlie Parker.

I typically just try to find playlists for focus music and just have it repeat all day. When the kids get home from school I’ll throw my headphones in so I’m disturbed by their loudness.

Code Editor

My current code editor of choice is PhpStorm with the Material Theme and using the commercial Operator Mono font.

I also use Sublime Text (GitHub inspired theme), and even VS Code with Dracula.

When I’m sharing screenshots I typically use Atom with the Atom Material Theme and increase the font size a lot so it looks crisp and clear on the service I’m sharing on.


For my terminal, I use iTerm and oh my zsh using a default theme and default font. I’m far from a power user and keep it simple.

Mac Apps

I’ve been trying to stick with only a few core Mac Apps and these are the main ones I use now: